There are many ways to book an appointment:

1) Book on this site (below)

Use the widget at the bottom of this page to find an appointment. 

Note:  Not all services or available days/times are listed online.
Last minute  appointments or unlisted hours are best booked via text or by sending us a message on facebook.

*NOTE: We switched booking systems on 4/10/19.  If you previously booked on MindBody, your information has been transferred to Square already but it will probably make you register when booking online for the first time with this system.

2) Contact us on Facebook

 Both Brian and Ashley can see the facebook page, so that is the quickest way to get a response for last minute appointment requests or questions.  

4) Text or Call 660-342-3031

As we are often with clients, phone calls are not as effective as other methods of communication. Text is preferred because we can see those and respond quickly between clients. Missed calls are typically returned when we have longer breaks (lunch/evening)

As a secondary number, clients may contact Brian by calling or texting 850-276-1023 

Please fill out our digital waiver if you haven't done so already:

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