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Hip & Low Back


Click the image for a great yoga video to help with hip and low back pain. Another good one for hips/low back/legs is HERE

Most Recommended Service(s) to help:

Thai Massage/Thai Stretch Therapy

Shoulders & Upper Back


The yoga video above uses a strap and a yoga block, but even if you don't have those things it will be beneficial to do the rest. (Note: In place of a strap, you could grab a belt or tie)

Most Recommended Service(s) to help:

Myofascial Release

Table Massage


Chinese Cupping

10 Minute Hips/Shoulders


Short on time? This ten minute flow addresses where people typically need stretching the most- hips and shoulders!

Like these videos? FIND MORE HERE 

Sleep & Meditation

Tips for a Good Nights Rest


This part of the website is still under construction!

Guided Meditations


Sleep is extremely important to your overall health but sometimes it's very hard to calm a busy mind. Click the image above for some guided meditations and sleep music suggestions that can help!

Restless children keeping you awake?

>>Try this kids meditation<<

Most Recommended Services for Better Sleep:

Salt Float Therapy

Table Massage




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